About DJ divaDanielle

Known for her dynamic performances, ranging from House and Disco to Booty and Breaks, divaDanielle started her life as a DJ after catching a record that Darren Emerson threw into the crowd in 2003. What she lacks in height, she makes up for in spunk and red-headed fury!

Combining a love of unicorns with a fierce desire to promote women in electronic music, she has risen to the top of the California underground, branding herself ‘Music 4 Unicorns.’ As co-founder of the popular Summer day party series, Shade, and music curator for the infamous Charlie the Unicorn art car at Burning Man, she developed a distinctive multi-genre sound.

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Charlie the Unicorn Art Car

Where art, music and mythology intersect in Black Rock City to celebrate Burning Man!

The Charlie the Unicorn Art Car is a homage to the most infamous unicorn in the history of popular culture. Inspired by great balls of fire, candy cane stripper poles and rainbow glitter, this one of a kind land-yacht is as unique as the phenomenon that inspired it. On the playa, Charlie is known for epic DJ sets, mesmerizing laser light shows and massive fire balls that shoot from his horn. Charlie the Art Car is a creation of Camp Charlie which is an L.A. based collection of dreamers, artists and adventurers, lead by their Chief Executive Unicorn, divaDanielle! Together they decided that “Yes, the world DOES need a 24′ tall unicorn on wheels!”

We’re going on an adventure CHAAARRLLIIIEEEEE!!!!!!

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Los Angeles based DJ, Producer and Unicorn Wrangler...